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Known Issues
Crash caused by Fireplace kit in players Inventory
Character cloning
Player can look through walls (1)
Zombies are spawning on spot of their death (1)
Player is stuck in building after reconnect
Player cannot respawn properly when he has drowned
Shadow related client FPS drops
When restrained in unconscious player stays in restrained state till he reconnects
[edit] New
Actions: You can sort out good ammunition from a ruined stack
Animations: New reload animations for Longhorn and a second reload for the Crossbow.
Animations: New reload for Blaze 95 Double Rifle.
Animations: MP5-K reload Animations
Animations: Added aimed pose for sitting with rifle.
Animations: Drinking from pond and well.
Loot: Added MP5-K with magazines
Loot: Added Pilotka Military Cap (2)
Map: Karmanovka has returned (1)
Map: Novodmitrovsk has been added (1)
Map: Industrial area of Novodmitrovsk has been added. (1)
Map: Tenement area near Novodmitrovsk has been added. (1)
Map: Dobroe village is added.
Map: New administrative buildings has been added in Novod.
Item: Flashbang grenade
Item: Hand grenade
Item: Added green and black color variants of the ZSh3 Pilot Helmet. Can be crafted.
Sound: Play sound when using the bow.
[edit] Fixed
Actions: Painting 75 akm drum magazine
Actions: Crafting fur backpack
Actions: AKM buttstock painting
Actions: Breaking apart backpacks, down into parts
Actions: Leather backpack crafting
Actions: Raised chance to ignite fire in wind
Actions: Fixed crash with meat duplication in fireplace/inventory
Actions: Can't eat meat directly from the fireplace
Animations: Fixed hand movement at the end of SKS reloading.
Animations: Hand clipping in unarmed run.
Animations: Crouch walks and runs replaced with new animations.
Animations: Crouch idle pose adjusted to better show items in player's hand.
Animations: Sprint with gun replaced with new animation.
Animations: Jump and vualt animations updated
Animations: Hand poses added for granades, pelts, alcohol tincture, fishing rod, magazines, woods.
Animations: Zombie attack animations polished.
Animations: Gestures poses fixed.
Animations: Two handed arming animations fixed.
Animations: Fixed an issue where surrender kept getting cancelled when used with one handed melee weapons
Animations: Fixed an issue where vomiting was not working properly with 2 handed melee weapons
Animations: Fixed an issue where drinking animation was not playing when the player was in prone
Animations: Throwing items reconfigured, staying wound up should not prevent the player from getting knocked down or cuffed
Animations: Leaning tweaked in transitional states, should now allow for smoother transitions while leaning
Animations: Fixed an issue where the character would not roll left/right with binocs in raised prone state
Gear: Alpha sorting in alcohol tincture model
Item: Hacksaw hand placement
Sound: Arrow loading
Sound: Arrow ejecting
Sound: Fishing bait check
[edit] Undocumented
[edit] New:
Buildings: Added fences on the roof of policestations
Buildings: New military building added
Clothing: Gorka Military Uniform Jacket added
Clothing: Changed the ring on the Police Caps to Chernorussian Green
Event: Added random Police cars
Event: Number of possible Helicopter Crash Sites increased from 16-18. (Number of crashed Helicopters on the map stays 3)
Files: Added data for Flare Gun, Rabbit Snare, and Tent
Files: Added data for 2 Grenade Launcher Attachments and 2 SMG's
Files: Added data for Smoke Grenade, Improvised Butane/Spray Grenade, and Improvised Timed Butane/Spray Grenade
Files: Added data for mackerels
Location: NEAF completely changed
Location: Turovo added
Sound: Added new sounds for the M4A1
World: Added some new roads

Effects: Increased Loading range of Bullet Impact visibility
Effects: Increased the loading range of Helicopter Smoke
Gear: Can no longer put Small Protector Cases inside each other.
Gear: Splint inventory size reduced to two slots
Gear: Radio item no longer functions.
Weather: Lightning during night time has been improved
Sound: Fixed the sounds of the brownish ground
Weapons: 7Rnd 1911 Magazine flipped back
Weapons: Kitchen Knives and Hacksaws can now be equipped on your back