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το ανιμε έχει σταματήσει εδώ και καιρό ξέρει κανεις ακριβώσ τι παίζει?


Natsu θεός!! Και φυσικά η μασκότ σε όλα,Happy!!! Aye!!

Ένα action-RPG βασισμένο πάνω στο Fairy Tail θα τα έσπαγε!!

Fairy Tail - Funny Fight Moment 2 - OVA Episode 2

By Joanna & Iremsu :D Hahahaha they are soo funny and Juvia is already in love with Gray and yaa Sieg-Kun Jellal Mystogan hahaha :D if there's a...

Fairy Tail - Funny Moment - Lucy's Stomach...

By Joanna & Iremsu :D Hahahah everyone thinks it's Lucy but noo Acnologia comees!! :O We don't own Fairy Tail. All copyrights go to respective...

Funny Moment From Fairy Tail

Episode:69 OK this has to be the Funniest moment in fairy tail for me so far i couldn't stop laughing i keept replaying it hes so serious its...

Fairy Tail | Funny | Overly Self Consious

Very funny moment when Happy, Natsu and Lucy are together

Aries vs Kain Hikaru Fairy Tail Funny Love Battle

Scene from Tenrou Island, Funny battle between Kain Hikaru.and Aries summoned by Lucy Heartfilla.

Fairy Tail Funny Moments 2

when natsu goin' motion sickness with erza....enjoy~!(^*)

Best Of Fairy Tail - Funny Moments: Lucy Meets...

First in series of many anime in FullHD (1080p). PS: Will update proper description soon.

[Funny Fairy Tail] Juvia wants to be punished by...

~♥Please read me♥ Episode details and Stuff~ Fairy Tail Episode 122 cut Gray sits on Juvia's butt. I love Fried's reaction. LOL. For more anime and...


Χωρίς περιγραφή

Fairy Tail- Funny Erza, Poor Juvia

haha. Erza is so funny here. :)) I do not own this video.I do not own anything in this video. No copyright infringement intended. Everything belongs...

Funniest Clip of Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail (フェアリーテイル) OVA : Youkoso Fairy Hills! (Welcome to Fairy Hills!) The Peeping Room...

Fairy Tail OVA 2 Funny fight(Eng sub)

Natsu&Gray&Erza VS Gajeel&Juvia&Aria... Hope u will like it!! Link :

Fairy Tail - The best funny moments !

Compilation of funny scenes from Fairy Tail anime ! Enjoy ! :) I put subtitles in English ;) Disclaimer : I DO NOT OWN...

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