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Αυτά είναι.Παλιά μου αγάπη

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Commercial Trailer

Yay! so the prediction for the new type was exact:the Fairy is here! and they are supereffective against dragon type. *Im always late on the Pokèmon...

Pokemon Black and White English Commercials

More New Pokemon Black and White English Gameplay!

New Pokemon Diamond/Pearl commercial

Now this is a cool commercial

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Commercial

This Aired So Long Ago. But Hey what the hey. the more videos the better

Poke Flashback - Original Pokemon Gold and...

This weeks Poke flashback is from the gold ol' days of Pokemon Gold and Silver! For a wide range of Pokemon coverage including all of the latest...

Pokemon Red - Final Battle Vs. Gary

Gary made it to the top before me.=( He is the Pokemon League Champion. Which means if he beat Lance, then this could be my toughest challenge yet!...

Pokémon Yellow (GB) Commercial

I did not make this video. Brought to you by your friends at